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Sumacin' Mediterranean Pickles
Signature Hot Sauces!
5oz bottles, 7 varieties
Signature Spread - Krazy Krunch! A spicy spread with onions & garlic (6 oz jar)
Philly Dilly Cheesesteak Pickles - A taste of brotherly love (Quart)
Bacon Pickles - A Maple Smoked BBQ in every bite (Quart)
Crabby Chesapeake Pickles - A Crabby crunchy combo with baby corn and jicamas (Quart)
Cheeseburger Pickles - A tasty tribute to @Wafffler69 (Quart)
Green Kamikozees - Pickled Hot Green Tomatoes (Quart)
Maple Bourbon Pickles - Mild Maple Mustard Blend (Quart)
Ring ’O Fire - Pickled Hot Ring Bologna (Quart)
Taco Pickles - Fiery fiesta blend (Quart)
Hot Polish Pickles - Hot Dill Pickles (Quart)
Ghost Pepper Pickles - Breathtakingly delicious (Quart)
Hot-N-Horsey Pickles - Hot Pickles made with Horseradish (Quart)
Mean Queen Olives - Hot Spanish Olives (Pint)
Hot-N-Sweet Pickles - Hot Pickles in a bread & butter blend (Quart)
Blazin’ Beans - Hot Pickled String Beans (Pint)
Playful Pickles - Dill Pickles - not hot (Quart)
Fiery Fungi - Hot Pickled Mushrooms (Pint)
Kowboy Kandy - Kandied Jalapenos (Pint)
Protein Pickles - Pickle spears packed with 20g of protein, spicy (Pint)
Buzzin’ Beets - Sweet & Spicy Pickled Red Beets (Quart)
Screamin’ Garlic - Hot Pickled Cloves of Garlic (Pint)
Zippy Zucchini - Hot Pickled Zucchini (Quart)
Pizza Pickles - A Slice of Perfection (Quart)
Kickin’ Kauliflower - Hot Pickled Cauliflower (Quart)
Sizzlin’ Salsa - Fresh Hot Salsa (Pint)
Spicy Spears - Hot Pickled Asparagus (Quart)
Cherry Bombers - Hot Cherry Peppers stuffed with Prosciutto & Provelone (Pint)
Bangin’ BBQ Sauce - Mama Koz’s homemade BBQ sauce (Pint)
Kamikozee Kashews - Spicy Roasted Cashews (9oz Bag)
Ragin' Radishes - Pickled Radishes with Honey (Quart)
Poppin' Pineapple - Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Blend (Pint)
Bloody Mary Mix - Kocktail mix featuring our homemade pickle brine, 2 asparagus stirrers and 2 olives for an all-in-one mix (Quart)
Carolina Killas - Reaper Dill Pickles made with Carolina Reaper Peppers (Pint)  Limited Edition **temporarily NOT in skull jars
Lemon Pepper Pickles - A zesty dill-ight of fresh lemon and pepper (Quart)
Everything Bagel Pickles - everything but the bagel (Quart)
Jerry's Jicamas - a unique bold flavor of pickled Jicamas (Pint)
Out-of-this-World Okra - hot pickled Okra (Pint)
Spicy Ramen Pickles - A tasty twist on a familiar flavor (Quart)
Spicy Parmesan Corn - Crazy good pickled baby corn (Pint)